Scappoose, Oregon


We are a full service dog boarding kennel, offering individual runs which are cleaned daily.  

Other services include bathing and grooming your dog.  

We also offer boarding for cats.  Cats are housed in a specially heated cattery, in individual crates designed for their comfort and security.  Cat pans are cleaned once a day, and cats are provided with food and fresh, clean water. 

Many of our doggie visitors are repeat customers and look forward to spending time with us.  Dogs are fed quality food twice a day, with plenty of fresh water.   We can feed your own special diet if you prefer.  If dogs are in need of medication, we can administer that at your direction.  Please bring your pet's meds and written instructions. Many of our cats are repeat visitors as well.  The cat room is kept heated during the colder months for comfort, and time is spent with our cats every day to ensure they receive attention while the owner is away.  


You will need to provide a copy of your pet's current vaccination records.  
Your dog or cat must be current on all required vaccinations, including rabies.

Please call for rates and availability.


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